Starting from May 1st, 2016 service is no longer available. 


What it was?

RayPump is a software that provides free, easy and efficient access to GPU/CPU Render Farm. Current version is designed for Blender and it's Cycles engine.

What it did?

RayPump saves time and money. It frees your computer from rendering high quality images. Sending a huge amount of data usually takes seconds instead of minutes, rendering takes minutes instead of hours. 

How it worked?

RayPump itself is a tiny, background process, separated from Blender. It strives to be light and non-invasive. Online rendering get started and completed with single click inside Blender. Easy! :)

What was the difference?

RayPump is more than a classic render-farm. It is rather a natural successor of render-farm idea - that's why we call it an Online Accelerator:


Single click inside Blender to schedule job, all the rest happens automatically. No packing, no preparing.

Very fast rendering

Real-deal high-end servers under the hood. At least 4 GPUs assigned to every single job. Instantly. No cloud, no slow-downs.

Extremely fast data transfer

Similar jobs are synchronized in seconds, despite the scene size and your network connection speed.

RayPump Free

Fully working tool for less demanding users (some limitations apply).

Render Points

Easy and cheap cost management. No subscriptions, no expiration, no hidden costs.

Designed for every-day use

All kind of jobs can benefit from RayPump's Farm. Workflow will speed up - not only by faster rendering, but also by keeping your local resources free.


Check our Help section, Feedback forum - or email us!


If you've lost Pro Render Points due to some bugs in RayPump software - just report details on the Feedback forum. We'll be happy to refund used Render Points after analyzing the case.

Was it really free?

Software and add-ons are free, just as Blender. Using basic service is also free. So, you have complete free tool-set for every-day work. It is mostly indented for students and hobbyists, but will work for any less demanding project.

However, if you are professional user, consider purchasing  Pro Render Points. All the free-tool-set remains, but you're not limited to it.

Your support keeps the service alive!

Was it for you?

Using Blender? Cycles engine? Than yes - RayPump might greatly improve your work-flow, as it solves most of the render-farm common issues: workflow complexity, long transfer, high costs. So, it is perfect fit for 99.99% of Blender users :)


all you need to use the service is to register and download the software - both free


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Users voice

WOW!!!!! Downloaded.. this render took me about 6hrs on 500 passes, it's now at 2000 and it's done in under 5mins.... fantastic.
Thank you so much, such an improvement for me.

Pete @r...


OK great here is a render test with GPU and SSS and rendered with RayPump and man this thing flies! 


From the push of the send button to the image being ready to view in my Renders folder via Ray Pump 2 mins 30 secs. So I am very impressed.



Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170