Last two weeks were quite unfortunate. There was a nasty bug in some of the code, running on several GPU-nodes. As result some users suffered with unfinished jobs or download failures.

Please accept deepest apologies - if for any reason you've lost any Render Points - just let us know the cost, you will get refund.

Problem is resolved now, please check your scenes!

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Users voice

WOW!!! Rendering a scene with my computer with 400 passes: 2 hours. With this with 1000 passes: 5 mins!!!!!!!! It's F******* GREAT!!!
Thanks a lot for this...



My render time for one frame was over 5mins, and with RayPump almost 100 frames took just 4 minutes. Thank you so much!


I would just like to say that I love this addon. I don't have a fast computer so this is great to render my renders. Renders that take a few hours on my PC take a few minutes with this plugin.



Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170