With updated drivers and Blender version - RayPump service also provides some new hardware: we've tested some nodes with 8 GTX970 - speed/energy consumption is pretty impressive. Some of your jobs queued to RayPump might use the new hardware already - as result, you should get your rendering done even faster!

Happy Pumping!

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Users voice

My render time for one frame was over 5mins, and with RayPump almost 100 frames took just 4 minutes. Thank you so much!


From the push of the send button to the image being ready to view in my Renders folder via Ray Pump 2 mins 30 secs. So I am very impressed.



Nice ;-) My lastest test's work now - this Sync-Function makes the workflow so much faster !


Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170