RayPump has started as single-man project: Michał Mielczyński, a thankful Blender user, programmer, software designer and engineer. For few years I've been developing specialized kind of software, that works with render farms, both on client and farm side.

The guy on the left is Ton Roosendaal (creator of the Blender, in case you didn't know:).
The guy on the right is PumpOperator - Michał Mielczyński (yes, the one with a light-cube on his head)
(sorry for terrible photo quality)

Growing up

At the moment RayPump service is growing up fast, providing more stable, faster service than ever. It is mainly possible due to:

  • great users support;
  • developers effort;
  • guys from 3dMaxReality - they recently have backed us with their hardware and resources. 

Big thanks goes to those guys - we hope together to build an ultimate online accelerator for everyone! :)

Open source team development 

RayPump Client is Open Source software now. It is freely available, both for users and developers and I'm no more the only person behind the code - you can find more information about the contributors at the GitHub repository.

Idea behind

With the new Cycles engine, which is so tightly and well integrated into Blender itself, I feel that new quality of render farm service can be presented to Blender community. Trying out render farms available on Blender's market shows that things are not as smooth as they should back then :). So, having an access to modern GPU modules and some knowledge how things should work, I've decided to give it a try.

I hope that RayPump will work well for all of you - professionals, hobbyists  and newcomers -  making the Blender even better choice for CG artists. It is not breath taking, multi million business, but I've got huge satisfaction making it and helping out Blender users around the world.

And if you wonder how this project saw the daylight, here's the official presentation that took place June 2nd 2013, at Yet Another Blender Conference:


WARNING- dangerous content for native English speakers :)

After hours

Private life? Sure, always with my lovely family :-*

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Users voice

I gave your service a test run and it works pretty well a lot faster than other render render farms I uses with up to 8 times faster.



I would just like to say that I love this addon. I don't have a fast computer so this is great to render my renders. Renders that take a few hours on my PC take a few minutes with this plugin.



RayPump is awesome. My computer is pretty old and for many of my scenes it would take 5+ hours to render while RayPump does it in a few minutes literally. Thanks for this great tool.


Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170