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TOPIC: First impression / Feedback for free render

First impression / Feedback for free render 2 years 8 months ago #1111

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Since you fixed the bug resulting in the Buffer Assertion Error I could finally test your service. At first I was impressed by the speed of the rendering. It took about 7 seconds to render my scene with 100 samples, which would have taken I guess 10-30 minutes for my I7-4710MQ. Even with the maximum samples of 300 it only took 12-13 seconds. This would take hours or even a day to render for my laptop. Unfourtanetely my GT 730M has a little bit less performance rendering, so I usually use the processor to render.

So in my opinion offering 80 free renders (in my case each render used one free render point) in with up to 300 samples and HD resolution this is a really pleasing service.

There are also a few points that disappointed me more or less:

Starting with the details you give on your start page and in the first instructions. To me there are two things missing and these are the exact maximum samples and resolution. I could find that is limited but not to what limit. The resolution I could easily see because I send a render in Full HD and the result was HD. The maximum number of samples I only found in some topic in the forum.
Another thing you completely left out is that the renders are watermarked. This is something I would like to know before and not after registration, installation and rendering. I do not mind that you place that watermark, I just missed that information at first.

About the rendering workflow itself: I do not like that every render is placed in its own folder and I cannot change that behaviour. I would like to have each render in a folder called like the file without the timestamp attached or even have the result placed in an absolute folder without creating a new folder. within. This should be configurable in the programm settings.

At last a nice to have: It is sad that you do not support a free animation render. It would be pretty nice to use the 80 RP to render 80 frames a day, about 3 seconds of video.. It would be suitable if it only is available for image output, so the process of video creating (compressing and so on) stll does not need to be done by the server. I think this does not interfere with your company interest, because people who do commercial renders do not want the watermark and in most cases need more than 300 samples and nowadays usually use Full HD. Furthermore your service gets promoted by the videos that are uploaded to the internet with your watermark. Definetely more impressing than a single image with a watermark.

Last but not least thank you very much for providing that opportunity :)
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First impression / Feedback for free render 2 years 8 months ago #1113

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Hey Seimen,

Thanks for long, nice feedback - you spotted some things that I should indeed improve, especially information about samples and resolution (well, it is placed on website, inside Buy section, but I guess it should be better visible for new users).
There's lot of topic you've mentioned, I will consider all of them with further upgrades, that's for sure.
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