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TOPIC: tiled job fail

tiled job fail 3 years 5 months ago #751

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Did a job and had tiled selected, and after charging me 50 points, it failed.

I resubmitted the job with "tiled" deselected, and it ran OK for 37 points.

Please credit me 50 points. I can post the failed job file if you like (what it did FYI was to put two jpg's in the output folder; one with 3 of the 4 tiles in the scene with one in the wrong place, and a second jpg with the missing tile alone. Assembly issue, plus there was no reason for the job to cost that much more than the untiled job..

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tiled job fail 3 years 5 months ago #752

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Sorry to hear you had issues with "tiles" option. It is pretty fresh feature, I'll look into details.

Tiled jobs are usually bit more expensive. The difference is especially visible with small/medium scenes. It is simply because multiply servers launch same scene, all the initiation time is multiplied.
However, for big/heavy renders, initiation time is just a fraction of total time - cost should not differ much from 'non-tiled' version.

To wrap things up: tiles should be used for big resolution, heavy scenes (and yes, I'll check for fixing your issues).
I'll re-assign those 50 RP to your account.

Thanks for reporting!
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