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TOPIC: RayPump Future Question

RayPump Future Question 3 years 5 months ago #769

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I just want to ask where RayPump is going to. I mean, this is still a BETA and what are your future plans for now? Are you planing an official release? This is a really great and fast rendering service, but in my case, if I like to spend more money here, there should be a billing system with a valid VAT number.

Maybe you can share some of your plans with us? ;)

Best regards
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RayPump Future Question 3 years 5 months ago #770

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Sure, I can share details :) It is actually good time for some summary. There you go:

What do we have?
After first year of very basic, testing service, we had a second edition (released in May) - with ability to dynamically handle many, many GPU nodes. And yes, new GPU nodes added :) so now we have almost none of "service is busy" situation - usually new job starts immediately or at least under 1 minute.

Current "beta" is much more stable than first edition, with much fine features - but I'm still dare not to call it "stable" due to some issues. Namely:
* some users have transfer issues - apparently rsync based solution has to be replaced with something more reliable;
* reliability is fine, but it should be bit better - some small, unexpected breaks happens, sometimes once a week, usually less often;
* even more hardware resources should be assigned - currently no funds for that;
* resources dedicated for CPU jobs - with pricing as friendly as GPU jobs;
* perhaps some "cloud" solution would be handy, but those are still too slow or too expensive;

What's the status?
Unfortunately, RayPump is not a gold mine - it barely pays data center costs, sponsors Blender Foundation and some other services/companies that deserve sponsoring; What is left isn't enough even for single developer salary (me!), pretty nothing left for marketing. Despite sales are not great, service has good opinion, most of the users are very happy with it - perhaps because it is partially free, pretty easy to setup and fast.

Should you be worry?
Don't worry - RayPump will keep running :woohoo: I'm big Blender's lover, so I'll keep service running as long as I can, without investing more money. We can safely assume to run another year, then we'll see how it goes. To be honest, I've been hoping to have better sales year ago, after so exciting start, but we are where we are :)

However, I can not develop new features/bug fixes as fast as I'd like to. I have to do another things for living. I wish RayPump could make more income, so I could invest all my time in it - but this is not happening so far :S Remember, that it is still mostly "single man mission" - and I'm not the marketing guru (or any guru, to be precise;) ).

So, to wrap things up - upcoming months will be rather simple - I'll do the feedback, help, docs and bug fixes, mostly after hours. I'd love to do support for Octane, V-Ray, Lux or Yafaray, etc. - but to be honest - don't expect that soon :blush:

By the way - as it says at, there's already possibility to have invoices (with VAT etc). It is not automated though, so you should write an email after purchase and I'll send you back the invoice. Well, automated invoice system is one of things left to do, I guess :)

I hope that this clears things up! :) Spread the news if you care :lol:
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RayPump Future Question 3 years 5 months ago #771

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Thank you. That was very informative. Hope that you will get more pro customers in the near future. It would be great if you could work full time here.

Best wishes.
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