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TOPIC: Persisten Uploading

Persisten Uploading 3 years 4 months ago #780

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Hi! today i wanted to try raypump for cycles smoke simulations, but i keeps uploading forever, the scene file is just a few MB, but it continuously upload something, when it finishes it starts uploading another thing, every time it finishes the next upload is slower than the previous one, i think it's related with the smoke simulation cache, but since i want to render a single frame isn't it possible to upload only the physics cache file related to the frame i want to render, instead of the whole simulation? (~6MB instead of 300+) :huh:
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Persisten Uploading 3 years 4 months ago #782

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RayPump detects which directory is used for cache files (smoke, cloth, fluid, particles, etc) and transfer files from that directory.

If you'd like to run test with one frame only, make sure the cache path is set to some empty folder (or the content of this folder is small enough to transfer quickly).

Besides, smoke simulation runs only on CPU - I would not encourage to make anything serious in CPU mode - it is slow and expensive. RP is so far designed mainly for GPU job types.
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