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Valuable feedback is priceless. Plus, you can get some extra Render Points :)

TOPIC: Testing the service, some feedback

Testing the service, some feedback 3 years 1 week ago #937

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Hello RayPump team and community,

on my first try I have to say, this thing is flawless. As promised, one click, scene came back rendered correctly, no hassle. Other commercial renderfarms I tried in the past totally failed on this. It was mostly "do something special here" "adjust the render settings like that over there", but that killed it for me already. RayPump did it right. Because if you're getting into some kind of productive state you easily forget that one extra click here and there, you may notice it while it's uploading or even after it's been crunched -> time and money wasted, frustration level infinite.

So this is just me stopping by and saying "congratulations". :)

Happy crunching everyone.
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Testing the service, some feedback 2 years 11 months ago #947

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Thank you - I know most of the users are satisfied with the service. Regardless, sharing your thoughts is a real reward for me :)
Thanks again - and Happy Pumping! :woohoo:
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