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TOPIC: Wierd behaviour "phantom texture"

Wierd behaviour "phantom texture" 2 years 11 months ago #988

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Hi guys!

I'm encoutering a strange thing. I'll try to explain as close as possible what the problem is.

I have this scene (scene A) where I'm linking other meshes from other .blend files via File> far so good, now there is one mesh that had an .avi as a texture as I was learning how to add movies to a mesh. Did a static render in RP and as expected the downloaded file had the .png and the .avi in it....great!

Now here's the problem, I decided to change the .avi texture on the original mesh for a static texture, deleting any material/node/terxture reference of the .avi in the file saved it and when I opened scene A the changes where reflected which was fine, but when I sent again Scene A to render in RP it downloaded the .png with the changes in texture but the .avi file was there as well.

I began researching in Scene A to see if there was any datablock left behind, but nothing at all I even deleted the offending mesh altogether to see if it was the one causing the issue....again rendered the scene A in RP and again the offending .avi was there.

I've done everything within my knowledge in Blender allows me to do and I even asked in Blender Artist Forum and still came back with all the steps I had already tried, this morning I found the "Clear Remote Buffer" option inside Extras, clicked it a few times and gave Scene A another try...I still had the .avi file downloaded :angry: .

I know some would say that this is a Blender issue others would say that is not, but I'm beginning to run out of options here so if anyone know what the issue might be, I thank you in advance.
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Wierd behaviour "phantom texture" 2 years 10 months ago #1022

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Maybe it's the raypump, if you had deleted the datablock, it's impossible that the .avi still there
except raypump mistaken the render with the previous one, so it keep using the .avi
or its cache
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