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TOPIC: Uploads & downloads more than just the blend file

Uploads & downloads more than just the blend file 2 years 8 months ago #1067

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I have a blend file (10.1mb

File Attachment:

File Name: acd-movie-cycles-small3-nightraypump2.blend
File Size: 10,353 KB
where it shows for a long time it is uploading, it goes from 0 to 100% multiple times. When this morning I quit Raypump and restarted it, it started rendering and downloading. Instead of just the render image it also downloaded 502mb of other files that are in my blender project folder and blender cache folder. It only happens with this project. I even made a new file and appended all the objects (currently attached) to see if its a problem that the original file was made in a older version of blender (although edited and saved in the latest version). Also tried to reinstall raypump and plugin.

Windows 8.1
Blender 2,74
Raypump 1.17
Local system - cpu rendering
Blend file name: acd-movie-cycles-small3-night raypump2.blend
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