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TOPIC: (first) user experience

(first) user experience 2 years 4 months ago #1213

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Hello, for starters I have to say that this is some fantastic service you have going. I currently work from a slow duocore-computer and got my first 600-frame render sequence completed in about 15 minutes as compared to about 24 hours on my computer.

From a user perspective, though, or rather from a service expericence design perspective, there is unnessecary frustration buit in to the website and app. First, I tried to render a free stillframe, to no avail. Later I tried with purchased pro-points, but with the same result. Now, some three hours later on a sunday's evening the the rendering got started, but here are my suggestions:

- From the field of ergonomics we strictly need to know how long we have to wait between the download and finished result. How do you queue projects on your server/farm? You should provide some estimate of the time until render in some measurement. (Naturally, you can't by more servers to expand the service unless you get the revenues to do so, but you need to communicate what to expect, and what not to expect :) )
- If you have a right margin box called "Service Status" on your homepage, there should be a mention of this and what it means (and can be expected of it) in the documentation.
- You can't minimize the application, but you have programmed it to stay on behind when you click the close-button on windows. Fine enough, but as soon as the app get's minimized I get a problem with my antivirus, maybe something to look into?

Anyway, this is a great service for a good price. /E
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