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TOPIC: Noise Comparison

Noise Comparison 2 years 1 week ago #1280

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I was pretty hyped that RayPump is so easy to use, and that there is no need to pack the file etc..
I would like to use it but.. rendering on raypump i strangely much more noisy than on my computer:

200 samples, 1000x1000, still rendering
scene: Linked geom proxies, 6k HDRI, Blender 2.76b,
RayPump II for Windows Version:1.17,
i7 5820k, gtx 980ti

Noise shows up on diffuse channel, reflection and refraction.
Tool is awsome devs, please fix..
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Noise Comparison 1 year 8 months ago #1335

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I'm having the same issue, just signed up and excited but...renders are significantly more noisy/firefly-esque with same settings. I'm using an environment texture too. I wonder if RP is missing the Multi importance settings for some reason. Any ideas on this yet? Won't be able to use the service otherwise. Cheers!

Below is a comparison, with just 10 samples, at home and on RP
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