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TOPIC: Assigned/Prepared for over 2.5 days, still nothing

Assigned/Prepared for over 2.5 days, still nothing 2 years 2 weeks ago #1288

I am trying to render some animation files with RayPump, which previously finish almost as fast as my uploads. The uploads are fine but when I look into the client, the progress stays "assigned" and doesn't seem to move... (see attached image) It's been there for over 2.5 days now. It would have been faster to rendered some of these files myself if I knew I would still be waiting 2.5 days later...

I've tried canceling it and reuploading, thinking there may be something wrong with the upload but nothing. I also tried to test render the default start-up file but I still never get passed "assigned".

Is there currently a backup in queues or limited resources in the past couple of days? Is service down that I am unaware of?

On a side note, would you happen to know why the client keeps re-downloading renders of past projects from a week before even after they had been removed from the client?
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