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Those images and animations were rendered using RayPump. Check also the Ask section for cost examples and the SceneLab for demo blend files.

Architectural design

Interior and exterior renders.


Automotive design

Vehicles, racing and smell of burning pixels :)


Product design

Small can be beautiful.



Some tests and unusual scenes :)


Payback Renders

Have you made something nice using Blender/RayPump combo? Share your renders on the Forum!

Images that can be posted here will not only give an undying glory, but also you'll get doubled Render Points back to your account!  

Only few things to remember:

  • you should be the author of the rendered image, any models and textures by third parties should be mentioned on Forum;
  • Payback Renders program works only for static images, up to 1920x1080 - if you'd like publish animation sponsored by RayPump, please use Feedback Box for contact;
  • approval of your work is not automatic - it is discussed on the Forum first;
  • Payback Renders works also with Free jobs;

RayPump wants the gallery to keep growing! So, don't worry, it's not hard to publish here :)  

PayBack Renders promo, by ikkiz


Live sessions, presentations and talks about RayPump service

RayPump at Yet Another Blender Conference 2013 at Gdańsk:

Even more Crazy English show :)


RayPump at Blender Conference 2013 in Amsterdam

Caution - Crazy English show :)


Free Jobs tutorial by aboutscript

Describes Free service features:


Pro tutorial by aboutscript

Describes Pro service features, animation, as well as cost comparison between local and online rendering:


RayPump teaser

Shows work-flow speed difference when using local GPU and RayPump online rendering:


"90 seconds that changes the way you render" 

Another short demo made together with 0.996 (simplified "one-click-render" button).
I'm using scene directly from blendswap.dom.


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Feedback Box


The best place to find help is Help and Forum sections.

Alternatively, contact by e-mail. I'll be happy to answer.

Users voice

Big thank you for your great service!
I use RayPump regularly to render images for my clients from small print-projects like flyers and brochures. Small animations and even a backdrop 3 metres high and 20 metres width!
Jobs, i could not render without the power of RayPump!


grafik design athen

Just gave this a try and wow. This is really cool!



WOW!!! Rendering a scene with my computer with 400 passes: 2 hours. With this with 1000 passes: 5 mins!!!!!!!! It's F******* GREAT!!!
Thanks a lot for this...



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