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  • installation;
  • first run,
  • tips & tricks;
  • user interface - piece by piece;

RayPump should be easy to use, no matter what kind of scene you are working on. However, using online service sometimes requires some extra-handling.


  • general requirements/questions;
  • working with output files;
  • working with fluid simulation;
  • working with softbody and cloth simulation;
  • working with particle systems;
  • working with smoke and fire simulation;
  • tips on volumetric light effects;
  • cost & counters in details;
  • known beta issues;

Interesting facts about RayPump, render engines, extraterrestrial intelligence and meaning of life :)

Originally RayPump has been designed and maintained as single-man-mission. For over the year the team has grown bigger - more people and resources get involved, proving that there is a strong need for it in Blender community.

Important information about BETA program restrictions, data safety and legal issues.

You should read all the terms and conditions before using RayPump service.

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The best place to find help is Help and Forum sections.

Alternatively, contact by e-mail. I'll be happy to answer.

Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170