Interesting facts about RayPump, render engines, extraterrestrial intelligence and meaning of life :)

Does RayPump support Blender?

Yes, currently RayPump is a Platinum Blender Foundation sponsor, and as the service continues to getting bigger and better, I hope we'll go to Titanium sponsorship soon!

What hardware RayPump uses on Render Farm side?

RayPump uses instant access non-virtual nodes, each with several NVIDIA GPUs cards, with both 3 and 6GB on-board memory.

How it is possible to run free render farm?

Not everything on RayPump is free. For more complicated projects and animations, there are Pro jobs with the price tag.

However, RayPump offers a free tool-set, that should be enough for education, testing and some commercial projects. It is already proven and used by students, hobbyists, artists around the world:

  • free software - freedom includes Open Source;
  • free jobs on Farm - with some limitations;
  • Render Points can be earned without money;

This model is probably not likely to work with other, expensive 3D packages. Blender is the only 3D application that combines such low licensing costs with such superior quality. Of course, costs of GPU nodes and their hosting on Render Farm remain, so supporting us is crucial to project's future.

Also, consider supporting Blender Foundation in a first place. They are doing great job, providing us free, open sourced tools.

How it is possible to make RayPump client an Open Source?

Once again - this is win-win situation. Users can see and extend the way RayPump works. In return RayPump gets better testing and fixing. We have a plenty examples of how bad closed source software can be. And we don't want that, do we? :)

What tools are used to develop RayPump?

A lot of them. Especially once you realized that RayPump is more than a client software - there's whole another side at the servers :) Despite that, the greatest tool-set would be Qt - amazing C++ libraries (currently provided by Digia). Another incredibly well designed tool - Git. RayPump also uses smart sync algorithms by Andrew Tridgell and Mark Adler. And of course a little bit of Python - inside and outside the Blender.

How about other render engines?

RayPump is aimed to support Cycles only. There are some other, well designed render engines, more or less compatible with Blender, but general idea of unbiased rendering remains almost unchanged. Most probably, Cycles will develop quickly, making speed, quality and integration better and better.

So it looks like there is no real point of making an effort to implement yet another engine into the RayPump. But hey, never say never.


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Blender version used by RayPump

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