Any tips for new users?

Find out what's new gradually. This way you'll always know what's going on.

Use Free Render Points

Despite you might have some Pro Render Points assigned to new account - don't use them yet. Play with Free jobs first. Running heavy Pro job having only few Pro Render Points will most probably cause an overdraft (negative Render Points). This is something you want to avoid, because:

Getting negative Render Points will effectively lock the downloads

First - test your new work-flow

Word of advice: don't start with your biggest, heaviest project yet. It is much wiser to start with basic, test scenes. Even a simple cube scene for the starters is OK.

Then run every day jobs

Once you'll make sure that there are no connection (firewall/proxy) issues, it is time to start working with bigger files. Remember: the first upload of the scene will take much longer - whole file has to be transferred. But once you got that scene online, the real workflow acceleration begins. 

Finally - run the heavy jobs

After a while, you'll get used to new workflow with Blender/RayPump combo. You'll be surprised, how fast it can be for every day jobs! And once you're happy with that, you can try something heavy, like animation or big-res image. 


Uploads made smart

Only the first time uploading the scene, the whole data has to be transferred. Following uploads - even for pretty big scenes - will take much less, usually few seconds for typical scene changes.

This hopefully should speed-up your workflow greatly, reducing one of major flaws of classic render farms.


Important note: smart upload works on file names. If you rename the scene's file (using Save As), it will be treated as completely new job, causing the upload start from scratch.

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Blender version used by RayPump

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