General Questions

What Blender version is required?

RayPump works with most recent versions of Blender. It should also work with older versions and custom builds. For maximum compatibility check the Blender version Box - it shows Blender stable/develop versions that RayPump currently use.

What Cycles features are limited/not supported?

Following features are might be limited when using (default) GPU acceleration:

  • SSS (sub-surface scattering) shaders work on GPU only with Pro jobs and Experimental Feature Set;
  • volumetric shaders work on GPU only with Pro jobs and Experimental Feature Set;
  • OSL (Open Shading Language) shaders do not work with GPU jobs;

Note: you can force RayPump to use SSS, volumetric and OSL with CPU acceleration type but CPU speed/price is significantly worse. Option can be toggled in RayPump panel.

What operating system is required?

Any desktop operating system that runs Blender.

RayPump has been already used on thousands of computers with different operating systems, including: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Linux Mint, Slackware, Macintosh Mountain Lion and Macintosh Mavericks.  

Do I have to prepare jobs, uploads, textures, ...?

No. RayPump is not a classic render-farm - it is Online Accelerator, so it accelerates your workflow.

Once the plug-in has been activated in Blender and RayPump app is running in the background, things are getting as simple as single mouse click.


What is required to start Pro job (animation/big resolution)?

Animation and Static jobs require more than 100 Pro Render Points assigned to your account. Otherwise, you are limited to Free jobs only. Details about switching the job type described here.

Can the same scene be scheduled several times?

Yes, it can. The only restriction is a 'single upload' rule. That means, you should wait until the scene gets uploaded to the RayPump, before scheduling another job with that scene.

Warning message will be displayed in Blender, if you attempt to schedule a job, while previous upload is not finished, so no harm is done.

Does RayPump client have to stay opened?

Not required, but I'd suggest to keep it open to have a nice feedback of what is going on with your jobs. Clicking close button at RayPump window minimizes it to tray icon, to prevent accidental quit.

 You can safely close the Blender application, change current or open another scene files and schedule them to the RayPump.

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Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170