Can I use multi-layer EXR output?

Yes. As a matter of fact, with Pro jobs you can select any static image format. Just set it in the Blender and schedule the job.

AVI and other movie formats are not supported for the simple reason - it is much better practice to render out sequence of the images and then mix it locally (e.g. inside Blender Sequence Editor).


Note: Multilayer EXR files tends to be quite big and can take a while to download


Can I get Render Layers as separate files?

By default Render Layers in single job will be rendered as single output file. So if the format supports layers (like EXR) you can use them. If you need layers as separate files, you can schedule separate jobs - one for each layer.

You can also use File Output Nodes - as explained below.

There's also some interesting post about working with multi-layered EXR and splitting them into separate files.

Does File Output Node works?

Yes, but only if you use "current path". Here's how it works:

Set your File Output nodes like this:

Now, once the RayPump renders out your job - you should get not only the render image but the whole structure:

Credits for this tip goes to Goordon - cheers!


Do linked files work?

Yes, linked files are supported.

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