Requirements for soft bodies and cloth simulation

To make simulation work with online rendering, simulation has to be baked first. Non-baked soft-bodies and cloths won't work properly.

Preparing the scene

Every object in scene with soft-body/cloth system assigned, has to be baked to disk before sending to the Farm. This can be all easily done inside Blender:

  • select the object with cloth/soft-body simulation assigned;
  • go to the Physics panel;
  • scroll down to Cache section (expand, if required);
  • click Bake button:

Baking simulation will increase amount of data that has to be transferred to the Farm. Despite that, once you've transferred the scene - further uploads should be faster, thanks to differential algorithms. Unless you re-bake the whole cache, other changes should be transferred quickly.  

Example scene, that uses both soft-body and cloth simulations:

scaled down and converted to GIF using GIMP



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Blender version used by RayPump

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