Requirements for smoke and fire systems

To make systems work with online rendering, every smoke/fire has to be baked first. Non-baked cache won't work properly.

Preparing the scene

Smoke/fire system has to be baked to disk before sending to the Farm. This can be all easily done inside Blender:

  • select the Smoke Domain object;
  • go to the Physics panel;
  • scroll down to Smoke Cache section (expand, if required);
  • make sure to use Bake button:

Sending the job

Once the system is baked in cache, you are almost good to schedule the job (cache files will be detected and transferred automatically).

However, current Blender version does not support Smoke and Fire simulation together with GPU acceleration. Thus, RayPump provides CPU mode, which is slower, but works with all systems.

Make sure to switch to CPU mode before scheduling:

No additional tasks are required, all the cache files will be transferred to the farm along with the scene file.

In case of large systems transfer can take some time, especially for the first transfer. RayPump's differential transfer works with cache files as well, so next transfers should be much faster, unless you re-bake whole cache from scratch.


Despite your animation can be rendered on many nodes, baked fire/smoke will behave as expected. Here's small test scene result:

scaled down and converted to GIF in GIMP


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Blender version used by RayPump

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