What's the price per hour?

Render Points are designed to manage costs quick and easily, but at the end it all comes down to the server time used by your job.

Current BETA II version offers three price ranges for 1 hour of single GPU work

  • Essential - €1.39;
  • Extended - €0.99;
  • Ultra - €0.84;

Every range offers different Render Points amount to buy - Essential are micro-packs, while Ultra offers the most Render Points in single buy.

Example (based on that scene):

RayPump render time [minutes] GPU used 1xGPU time [hours] price (Extended pack)
4.3 8 (4.3 * 8) / 60 = 0.57 (over half an hour) 0.57 * €0.99 = €0.56 


You can always quickly check the price of the job expressed in Render Points and Euros, by hovering the job entry with the mouse:


What exactly can be done for how much?

You'll find some nice examples in SceneLab - together with the source blend files, speed and cost information. This should give you a good overview of the speed/cost ratio. Downloading and testing the exact same scene on your local CPU/GPU set (or other render farms, perhaps) will give you a firm start point.

Here you will find some more details about how to estimate local speed ratio.

How it compares to local rendering cost?

There's an interesting cost comparison between local power consumption and the RayPump price, made by GreenJello. Turns out that RayPump can be actually cheaper than your local rendering!

You can make such calculation for your own system using this calculator.

Can I get Render Points without paying?

Yes, there's a lot of places to start: check for example "Payback Renders Gallery" or "RayPumped movie project". You can always get some extra Render Points for "positive activities": forum support, open projects, developing help.  

How to estimate render cost?

There's no 100% accurate way to estimate cost. But it can be approximated quite well with following techniques:


  • provided test scenes can give you a speed-up factor, when you render them out locally and compare times;
  • similar jobs usually have same cost e.g. animation frames, corrected scenes etc;
  • Free jobs can help to estimate costs:
    • schedule scene as Free type;
    • when ready, check it's "cost" in Job Manager;
    • of course - since it is Free job - your account is not charged;

You can also make some assumptions:

  • doubling samples number should roughly double the cost;
  • doubling resolution will increase cost about 4 times (2*2 for x and y dimension);

As a bonus, once you upload your scene to test it with Free job, it can be almost instantly used for Commercial jobs - smart uploads will take care of minimizing the network traffic.

What is the stress-test?

UPDATED: current (second) edition of RayPump service does not use stress-test at all. Instead, we use daily Free Render Points for every registered user. 

How Render Points system works?

Check the details at the Buy page.

How much Render Points is required?

If you want to start a new Pro job, you'll need at least 100 Render Points:

However, job in progress can exceed that limit, using every single Render Point available.

What if job costs more Render Points than I have?

Since you had at least 100 RP at the start - RayPump will credit more expensive job. It will get rendered and put in safe place and you should buy additional Pro Render Points to clean the overdraft of your account.


Note: you won't be able to download any results with negative Render Points (account overdraft)


Once it's fixed, results are ready to download.

How animation counts the jobs?

Every Animation type of  job renders out a sequence of several frames (instead of a still image). If you schedule longer sequence - whole animation gets divided to several jobs, e.g.: animation 238 frames long will schedule to the RayPump as 24 (rounded 238/10) jobs.


Note: animation job set will render images to the same destination folder. You will download a complete sequence (238 frames in above example) to a single local folder, just as you'd expect from local rendering, making things much easier for making local post-production.


How to manage long animations?

Usually as normal jobs, but sometimes longer animation requires additional handling, for example when all Pro Render Points are gone in the middle of the work. In such cases RayPump holds your unready jobs for at least 24 hours, so you can decide what to do.

Here's example:

  1. Very long animation jobs starts (despite you have only 426 Render Points left):

  2. As many as possible jobs get done and the Stand by message is displayed:

  3. Now, you can decide if you want to cancel pending jobs or charge your account with more Render Points.
    In second case: a) charge account b) click 'Refresh' button or reopen the RayPump Client c) you rendering will resume:


My renders are still noisy, what can I do?

Unfortunately, render farms are not magical cure for bad light or wrong scene setup :) Things will run faster here, but you should always be aware how "renderer friendly" your scene is. Some good tips&tricks can be found at Blender Wiki, or simply googled out.

If the scene contains lot of noise on your local computer, both in preview and test renders, despite high sample count - it's a first sign that something is going wrong, so you should investigate scene's settings.

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