Known issues and solutions

RayPump has been tested out well, but we know it is not yet perfect. Below you'll find some common problems and suggested solutions.


Scene saving

Pressing RayPump button saves current scene. Reason to do that is not to alter scene data you are currently working with. This is not optimal and will be fixed in future.

Possible invalid file names and paths 

RayPump should handle UTF-8 correctly, but it is wiser to keep things simple - especially because operating systems and Blender itself have issues with UTF-8.

Unhandled signs in password

As users reported, using '#' in password can lead to problems connecting the service. Issue will be fixed with next upgrade, but so far please avoid '#' sign in password.

Firewalls and limited networks

Some firewall might block RayPump form data transmission. If that occurs to you, temporary turn off your firewall, check if that helps. If yes - unblock ports 873, 5015.

Some public networks, hot-spots do not allow to use services on non-standard ports. Keep that in mind traveling with RayPump :)

Busy networks

You should turn off other applications that heavily use internet connection, like torrent clients, cloud storage etc.

Big transfers under Windows

Some users report that sending big files (few hundreds MB) under Windows sometimes fails. To solve this problems tweak the upload speed (using limiter in Options).

Unpacked cache files

Not all external files are taken in count by RayPump. Currently the baked particles, fluid, cloth and softbody simulation should work.

Pose Mode

Before scheduling the job to the render farm, you should switch to Object Mode. In particular the Pose Mode will generate error and block scheduling the job.

Animated textures

Image sequences or movie files use in textures do not get packed inside blend files. This causes problems with remote rendering. The issue is partially solved with upcoming version of RP add-on. You can try out experimental version. More information about that case at the Forum thread.

Linear sample count 

Make sure to set the Square Samples off and set the samples number properly . Otherwise you might get fast and noisy results from RayPump (it will switch turn off Square Samples automatically).

Payment process might have delays

In rare cases instant purchase transaction notifications got delays. In such case, your Render Points are not updated immediately. Please use the feedback box, giving your email address/ account name. I'll react as fast as possible.


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The best place to find help is Help and Forum sections.

Alternatively, contact by e-mail. I'll be happy to answer.

Blender version used by RayPump

Blender (stable): 2.75a
RayPump Server: 1.170